NYTimes Search Ranking Drop After Google BERT Update and More

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Here is the latest updates on Google News from all over the world, Enjoy!!


Feature Alert: Track Top Twitter Accounts

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One of our main goals is to track every aspect that is important to news publishers in Google News and Google Web results.

In addition to that we track many other signals that may impact news rankings in Google Web Results (SERPs). We are pleased to announce that we started tracking top twitter accounts in Google results as we believe it provides a glimpse on which accounts Google consider authoritative for that trending query,


Google News has made it harder to become a Google News news source

Google News has supposedly made it harder to become a Google News news source. John Mueller of Google said he knows that Google News applications have to go through a stricter process to get accepted these days. He said the bar has been set higher, which he thinks is a good thing.



Google explains why syndicators may outrank original publishers & More

Last week we reported that Google has updated its algorithms to give original reporting preferred ranking in Google search. So when John Shehata, VP of Audience Growth at Condé Nast, a major publishing company, posted on Twitter that Yahoo is outranking the original source of the article, Google took notice.

Google joins European newspapers to promote digital journalism

Google and eight European newspapers, announced on Tuesday the creation of a fund of 150 million to support digital journalism. This new device, dubbed Digital News initiative (DNI or Digital Journalism Initiative), should start in the coming months and will last for three years.

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