NewzDash is incredibly especially extremely powerful and fully data driven.

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Our Reports

Our Reports

Top News Publishers

Tracking 1000s of publishers across 15 Google News Editions.

Competitive Analysis

Easily compare multiple sites aginist each other.

Publisher Stats

Over 100 elements tracked for each news site.

News Trends

Get the latest Google News trends and top publishers and stories.

Google Web

Track Top Stories in Googe Web Results hourly.

News Verticals

Find the top authoritative sites in each section (Sports, Entertainment, Health, etc.).

and more...

We continuously add new features, reports and tracked elements.
We take our clients feedback seriously and continue to improve our platform.

Thousands of publishers tracked hourly daily in Google News and Google Web to bring you the best insights ...

25,000 publishers tracked in 15 countries. Here are some of the publishers we track