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of Google News including news editions, sections, popular and spotlight sections, images, etc It is a Google News Tracking tool that allows news publishers to track all aspects of Google News on any Google News Edition (or globally for all editions) and track their competitors as well. The tool also allows publishers to monitor top breaking news queries on Google Web and Google News clusters in Google web. :

- It tracks 4 News editions (U.S., U.K.Canada En and Deutschland) *
- It tracks all homepages (top stories) and sections for the above editions *
- It tracks 4 states in US and one major city in each news edition *
- It tracks all main stories, featured links, and images
- It tracks all news topics in all homepages and sections
- it tracks most popular, spotlight and editor picks blocks
- It tracks all news sites, and news publications (one news site may include multiple news publications. Example New York Times and New York Times Blog )

* More editions, sections and locations to be tracked in the software based on requests we get.


The Google News Tracking Tool provides analysis and detailed reports

  1. Top News Sources Tracking Report: globally and in each edition
  2. Individual Publisher Tracking Reports: avg story positions, daily avg positions, unique stories, title changes, images, top stories, ...
  3. News Topics Tracking Reports: detailed report on all topics appearing in Google news for each section
  4. Single Topic Detailed Tracking Reports: take any topic (Alexis Tsipras for example) and get detailed analysis on top sites, top stories, rankings, uniques, images, etc
  5. Competitive Analysis Tracking Reports: compare news publishers on all tracking pointsin the system
  6. News Homepage/Section Detailed Tracking Reports: you can easily tell who owns any section (US Health, Sports, Entertainment for example), top stories, saturation, etc
  7. News Location Detailed Tracking Reports: same as section reports but for a specific location news (NY, NJ, London, etc)
  8. Single Story  Detailed Tracking Reports: get all details on a story, changes of titles, rankings, images, etc
Each report has at least 50 tracking points 
Google "In The News" News Cluster in Google Web Results Pages 
- track breaking news search queries, set by tool users, in Google Web and track news cluster rankings and web results rankings every 30-60 mins.