We have been using Newzdash at DPG Media for almost 2 years now, and it has become a vital part of our workflow. Every morning begins with a first look at the content briefing, latest trends, and competitor rankings. Throughout the day, our SEO-team and editors rely on automated emails and Slack messages to remain informed on the trends. It's the only software that can show how we did on major events and breaking news in top stories or Google News. The Newzdash team also listens to your feedback and adds new features regularly.

Mathias NoyezSEO Specialist, DPG Media

Since integrating NewzDash into our local news workflow, our SEO and content strategy has greatly benefited. NewzDash allows us to stay ahead of industry trends, identify missed opportunities, and better reach our targeted search audience. One of the most valuable aspects of NewzDash is its ability to provide real-time feedback on our content's performance.

Dallas NewsSEO Team

NewzDash is a hugely innovative suite of tools for news publishers that take their SEO seriously. With the data and insights provided by NewzDash, a publisher can claim a strong competitive advantage to help them dominate Top Stories and Google News. The continuous addition of new and improved features make NewzDash a cutting edge tool for publishing SEO.

Barry AdamsSpecialised SEO Consultant for News Publishers

I've had the pleasure of using NewzDash in my role directing the global SEO program at Daily Mail, and I can confidently say that it revolutionised our approach to SEO news optimisation. The tool's unparalleled insights and analytics empowered our team to make real time, data-driven decisions, resulting in increased visibility and engagement for our news content. Its user-friendly interface and robust features make it an indispensable asset in our daily operations, allowing us to stay ahead of the curve in the fast paced environment of online news publishing. NewzDash is a game-changer, and I wholeheartedly recommend it to anyone in the news industry looking to enhance their SEO strategy.

Dele AroFormer Director, MailOnline

NewzDash is a powerful tool for SEOs in publishing to enhance visibility on trending content topics and to analyse competitor Top Stories performance. The 'Keyword Clusters' and 'Competitors Latest Live Content' were the most valuable features for us. If you're an SEO working for a publisher, NewzDash is a tool worth trying!

Rob BeerSEO Executive at Punters

Love this from @newzdash : Top 100 publishers in Top Stories carousels on Google, available for US, UK, and dozens of other countries:

Barry AdamsIndependent SEO Consultant, PolemicDigital

Pulling data from @JShehata's amazing tool, @newzdash, to analyze how E-A-T might a role in performance in Google News performance for the upcoming #NESS conference.

Lily RaySenior Director, SEO & Head of Organic Research

NewzDash technology is actually "News Search Console for every News Publisher"

Koray Tuğberk GÜBÜR - Holistic SEO & Digital.Founder

To me, the most compelling feature is being able to quickly identify gaps in coverage compared to competitors. Newsrooms that have that insight and can act on it quickly will develop a huge advantage. There's so much data in there it sort of made my head spin! (in a good way).

Jim Robinson - ClickseedFounder

NewzDash is a really useful tool for News Publishers offering insight into publisher visibility in Google News, Search, and Top Stories. Not having to manually track my keywords for big events or simply ongoing keywords we want to track saves time us time, enabling our team to commit to working on more important projects. The data we collect with NewzDash has helped inspire our teams from a content perspective and offer a great look back at how we and competitors have performed for events, newsworthy moments, and more.

Edward Hyatt - WSJSenior SEO Editor at Wall Street Journal

Optimizing breaking news stories is difficult because the rapid flow of new developments quickly makes almost any SEO strategy outdated. But, NewzDash enables publishers to track keyword rankings every 15, 30, or 60 minutes in Google News SERPs as well as Top Stories – the News Carousel formerly known as the ‘In The News’ box – in Google universal search results. This enables news publishers to track competitors’ headlines and see which stories are getting better rankings.

Search Engine Journalwww.searchenginejournal.com/

I’ve just spent the last two weeks testing a news SEO tool called NewzDash that can help thousands of publishers – especially the ones that are covering a rapidly evolving news story like the Coronavirus pandemic.

Greg Jarboepresident and co-founder of SEO-PR

NewzDash is the best tool on the market for understanding and optimizing for Google News. Its obvious in its design that it was made by people who understand Google News SEO inside and out.

Paul ShapiroSenior Partner, Head of SEO at Catalyst, a WPP/GroupM Agency

Newzdash is a great, helpful tools for publishers. It offers information that is invaluable to those who care about their visibility in Google Top Stories, AMP carousel, Google News and more. With Newzdash, you don’t have to manually track the visibility of your content for the keywords you care for and gives you time for more important tasks. This is time-saving since the movement and turnover of Top Stories result may sometimes be fast, and publishers need to react and optimize their content quickly. The data provided by Newzdash can give publishers insight to the quality of their news optimization, content production, and the technical soundness of the site. Another invaluable data provided by Newzdash is the news trends. These provide input as to what topics during the day people are mostly interested in and searching for, critical for maximizing search traffic. With all these benefits, the cost is reasonable and worth it.

Ronaldo TumbokonSEO at Yahoo Finance

A useful tool for Google News publishers in US and UK that like to keep track of their own and their competitors Google News statistics.

Christiaan BollenSEO Consultant and Founder @ Boljoro

If you are a news publisher then you definitely should be using this tool to see how you stack up and give you ideas for competing better.

Frank WatsonCEO at Kangamurra Media