Optimizing breaking news stories is difficult because the rapid flow of new developments quickly makes almost any SEO strategy outdated. But, NewzDash enables publishers to track keyword rankings every 15, 30, or 60 minutes in Google News SERPs as well as Top Stories – the News Carousel formerly known as the ‘In The News’ box – in Google universal search results. This enables news publishers to track competitors’ headlines and see which stories are getting better rankings.

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I’ve just spent the last two weeks testing a news SEO tool called NewzDash that can help thousands of publishers – especially the ones that are covering a rapidly evolving news story like the Coronavirus pandemic.

Greg Jarboepresident and co-founder of SEO-PR

NewzDash is the best tool on the market for understanding and optimizing for Google News. Its obvious in its design that it was made by people who understand Google News SEO inside and out.

Paul ShapiroSenior Partner, Head of SEO at Catalyst, a WPP/GroupM Agency

Newzdash is a great, helpful tools for publishers. It offers information that is invaluable to those who care about their visibility in Google Top Stories, AMP carousel, Google News and more. With Newzdash, you don’t have to manually track the visibility of your content for the keywords you care for and gives you time for more important tasks. This is time-saving since the movement and turnover of Top Stories result may sometimes be fast, and publishers need to react and optimize their content quickly. The data provided by Newzdash can give publishers insight to the quality of their news optimization, content production, and the technical soundness of the site. Another invaluable data provided by Newzdash is the news trends. These provide input as to what topics during the day people are mostly interested in and searching for, critical for maximizing search traffic. With all these benefits, the cost is reasonable and worth it.

Ronaldo TumbokonSEO at Yahoo Finance

A useful tool for Google News publishers in US and UK that like to keep track of their own and their competitors Google News statistics.

Christiaan BollenSEO Consultant and Founder @ Boljoro

If you are a news publisher then you definitely should be using this tool to see how you stack up and give you ideas for competing better.

Frank WatsonCEO at Kangamurra Media