NYU Journalism Program - Mentorship by NewzDash

In 2020, two of our NYU SPI grads got the opportunity to continue their SEO studies with John, learning the ins and outs of what it means to be an SEO editor. We caught up with these SEO experts to hear about what they’ve learned and their new jobs at Hennessey Digital as junior on-site SEO editors.



Search Engine Journal

On this episode of the SEJ Show, Loren hosts John Shehata of Conde Nast to discuss Google News, Google Discover, making the most of jumping on trends in News Search, what John feels will be a News Search focus in 2021 and a little bit about NewzDash.



Search Metrics - Voices of Search Podcast

Optimizing SEO for the news and media industry is difficult due to the news’ timely nature and the never ending flow of breaking news, which quickly outdates almost any strategy. New technology is emerging on the horizon to finally combat the issue and finally give SEOs an edge in the news and publishing industry. Join Ben as he interviews Condé Nast’s VP of Audience Development and SEO John Shehata about his new product NewzDash and how it provides a valuable toolset the industry can use to keep up with and analyze rankings within hours.



SEJ - Why News SEO Is Crucial to Publishers Covering the Coronavirus Pandemic - by Greg Jarboe

Here's how publishers can discover the latest news trends, optimize their news stories, and track their keyword rankings in near real-time.




Not Your Father's Google News SearchLove 2015 - by Matthew Brown

My latest take on why and how you should capitalize on Google News as an SEO opportunity




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