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First, Here is the Latest NewzDash.com New Features

We keep adding new features almost every other week. here are some of the new features we added recently:

Latest SEO News and Must-Read

  • MUST READ: How to Succeed for Google Discover
    Extensive analysis into different factors to help you optimize for Google Discover including User Interests, Categories, Types of Content, and more.  While traditional search requires users to input a query, Google Discover anticipates user behavior to surface new and interesting content.
  • Not Going To Happen - Google Won't Give Up Ranking Algorithm Secrets To SEO
    UK judge gives Google a choice: Either let SEO expert read your ranking algos or withdraw High Court evidence. This is around a case going on since 2006 with Foundem, where Foundem says Google favors those who advertise in the organic results.
  • Google News gets a dedicated Coronavirus hub 
    The new COVID-19 experience on Google News pulls together and organizes all the latest news at the global and local level and provides easy access to the latest guidance regarding prevention, symptoms, and treatment from the World Health Organization (WHO) and other authoritative sources. 

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  • How to Survive Covid-19 in Search: In-depth Analysis of Search Demand Trends
    Whether you just want an understanding of emerging search trends and how to capitalize on them, or you want to understand those trends and how to use your marketing to help people through the pandemic, this is an article to read.
  • Opting Out of Google Featured Snippets Led to 12% Traffic Loss [SEO Experiment]
    Everyone wants to win Google featured snippets. Right? At least, it used to be that way. Winning the featured snippet typically meant extra traffic, in part because Google showed your URL twice: once in the featured snippet and again in regular search results. For publishers, this was known as "double-dipping."
  • How to Succeed in Google Discover?
    Google Discover (previously known as Google Feed) is a personalized content feed created by Google that proactively serves relevant content to users. While traditional search requires users to input a query, Google Discover anticipates user behavior to surface new and interesting content.
  • How the Coronavirus Has Impacted SEO Visibility Across Categories
    As we have begun settling into our new culture of “shelter-in-place,” consumer behavior has also adjusted to the stay-at-home orders that have been put in place across the vast majority of the United States and in many other countries.
  • How to Use Structured Data to Support E-A-T
    While Google’s official answers to questions related to E-A-T leave many SEOs uncertain on what next steps to take, there is one reliable, underutilized method we can use to improve not only E-A-T, but also overall organic performance: leveraging structured data (Schema.org) to its fullest capacity.
  • What did we learn after 1 month of COVID-19? A behavioral analysis of search shifts using real GSC data
    We conducted an analysis to evaluate how searcher behavior shifts during the COVID-19 crisis has impacted different industries. Using our extensive pool of Google Search Console Data, we analyzed the clicks, impressions, CTR and position of keywords from 4800 domains to get valuable insights.
  • Will The Next Google Broad Core Algorithm Update Be Delayed?
    Some webmasters and SEOs are asking if Google will be delaying the next broad core algorithm update. Google generally pushes out one of these core updates every quarter or so, and it has been a few months since the last core update - January 13, 2020 to be exact. So will Google be releasing one soon or will it be delayed?
  • Add New Google structured data to COVID-19 announcements (BETA)
    Due to COVID-19, many organizations, such governments, health organizations, schools, and more, are publishing urgent announcements that affect schedules and other aspects of everyday life. This includes the closure of facilities, rescheduling of events, and new availability of medical facilities (for example, testing centers). 


COVID-19 Latest SEO Rankings

As you may know by now, Google News added a dedicated section for COVID-19 that is highly visible. We have been tracking top news sources and stories since it launched few weeks ago.

Over the past 7 days it was clear to us that CNN is the most visible publisher with 50% more appearances than the next publisher in the list which is CNBC.com.  

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