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Real-Time Trends: Improved and expanded trends capabilities

  • Discover Trend Gaps: You vs. Competitors. added city keyword tracking for any city, metro or providence you desire.  
  • Sort Trends by Top Search Volume and Discover related Entities. 
  • Easily see Trend Movement and top relevant search queries. 
  • Analyze your Top Stories, Top Results, Publisher Carousel, Video Carousel, Google News Visibility against your Competitors.
  • Identify the top SERP Features with the highest Visibility your Niche and which features are gaining more traction in SERPs.
  • Research News Keywords and identify the top alternatives

Don't Delete AMP Just Yet!!

You have read the news; Google is removing AMP requirement for Top Stories eligibility starting next year. There is a heated discussion online where some SEOs can't wait to remove AMP while others are skeptical. 

We have started tracking the % share of non-AMP stories in Top Stories in preparation of the move.So far our data indicate about 20% of all Top Stories are non-AMP URLs. So far AMP URL constitute about 96-98% of all Top Stories URLs. It has been consistent for the past few weeks. 


To our surprise the non-AMP URLs were still the top publishers; cnn.com, foxnews.com, people.com, theguardian.com, etc. The non-AMP stories that ranked in Top Stories had AMP alternatives but Google chose to display the non-AMP version.

Take the search for "Bubba Wallace" done on 6/22, Google displays non-AMP CNN and NBC News on Mobile SERPs Top Stories. Both stories have valid AMP pages.


Here is what you should do:

If you are going to Keep AMP: 

  • Optimize your AMP pages; AMP pages can still be slow!! We believe AMP pages will be evaluated against non-AMP pages some-what-equally when it comes to Core Web Vitals

If you are getting rid of AMP: 

  • Optimize Your Mobile Pages to be on bar or better than AMP
  • Test removing AMP X-Days after story is published and examine traffic. This way you get the Top Stories traffic and analyze the organic traffic of removing AMP
  • Test removing AMP from one section and examine traffic
  • If all good, proceed :)

Trend Highlights: Kanye West

Kanye West Sets Off July 4th Fireworks With White House 2020 Bid; “Power” Rapper Plans To Take On Trump & Biden. People.com dominated the SERPs with 92% viability in Top Stories with 4 unique articles followed by USAToday.com and foxnews.com.

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Google News June Market Share - US

  1. CNN.com 8.6%
  2. FoxNews.com 6.4%
  3. NYTimes.com 5.2%
  4. WashingtonPost.com 3.9%
  5. CNBC.com 3.4%
  1. ESPN.com 9.6%
  2. CBSsports.com 6%
  3. sports.yahoo.com 3.8%
  4. NBCsports.com 3.3%
  5. NYPost.com 3.1%
  1. theverge.com 5.8%
  2. gamespot.com 5.3%
  3. engadget.com 5%
  4. cnet.com 4.3%
  5. forbes.com 4.2%

GN National

  1. CNN.com 17.2%
  2. FoxNews.com 9.2%
  3. Thehill.com  5.9%
  4. WashingtonPost.com 5.6%
  5. USAToday.com 5.4%

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Google Latest Algorithm Update, Did they just promote Government Sites?

On June 23rd SEORoundTable.com reported a big Google algorithm update. It seemed pretty big based on the chatter and the tracking tools. But it was not as big as a core update. After about a week, we are now seeing reports from folks in the SEO community that this update may have had a stronger influence on governmental web sites.

How Google May Calculate a Site Quality Score (from Navneet Panda)

This recently granted patent did provide a way to measure the quality of a web site, and that measure could influence how well or poorly a site might rank in search results for a particular query.

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