Core Features


Dynamic Tracking of Top Trends

Track Trends Keywords in SERPs and monitor your site's rankings in Top Stories and Organic Results.


  • Monitor your Rankings of Top Trends Automatically
  • Identify Missing and Lost Trend Rankings
  • Track Trends coverage by your site, competitors, and Top Sites
  • Track Top Stories, Organic Results, Publisher Carousel, Videos, and more
  • Track in any Language, City and Country



Near Real-Time News Keyword Tracking

Track any keyword rankings in SERPs every 15 minutes (Track at your desired pace and Check rankings every 30 or 60 minutes).


  • Get Top Stories (News Carousel formerly know as In The News box) Rankings
  • Easily combine multiple Keywords reports together to the see the full picture
  • Track Competitors' Headlines Changes
  • Track Video, Publisher and Live Carousel rankings



Track Everything Google News

Track any News Site for any country/language in Google News.


  • Track 50+ Google News SEO metrics
  • Track Google News Homepage and Section Pages
  • Track YouTube Videos in Google News
  • Get all your site stats and section visibility
  • Track any local news (city, state)
  • Track Share of Voice in any content vertical


Near Real-Time News Trends

Track Top & Latest News Trends in any Country.


  • Easily Track Top News Trends in your Country
  • Track Top Trends in Google News & Google Trends
  • Identify Trend Related Keywords to Optimize for
  • Identify Trend Movement and is it Still Worth Covering


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