Google News SEO - Everything Publishers Need to Know 2020 Edition


Most news publishers and media organizations want their top story -- especially a breaking news story -- to rank highest among the most read and shared news articles.  As SEO specialists with extensive newsroom and publishing experience, we would like to share some insights and tips for ranking within Google News SEO.   How can you optimize your news story to be the leading source among your competitors on Google News?  What are some best practices and tips for news optimization?  What is SEO for news sites? 

Uncover Google Discover Mysteries by John Shehata - Video & Slides

7 Tactics to Optimize for Google Discover

Google Discover is a serious traffic driver for many publishers around the world. Google Discover is an AI-driven content recommendation tool included with the Google Search app. It provides new information and inspiration where  no query is required. In a way, this is Google’s version of Facebook feed.

Google Discover gives consumers relevant, engaging content.