NFL Draft: What News Sites Ranked High Big for The Event?

We tracked "NFL Draft" for 1 day starting the day after the event (May 1st 2015) at 10am ET.

We added two new features; visibility is the number of appearances of a news site divided by the total number of crawls. We also added "Ranking Sequence" which displays the rankings of a story ordered by time so you can see ranking flactuations.

Here are the ranking results and top ranking news sites


Earth Day 2015 - Google News Rankings

The Bgreaking News Report enables you to easily track top trends and breaking news queries that are important to you. You can track a search query every 60 minutes for 1-7 days.

We tracked "Earth Day" for 1 day and here are the results

Start: 2015-04-22   End: 2015-04-23  # Runs: 24 total crawls