Why Medium Lost Half of its Visibility

Medium is a trusted user-generated content publisher.  It even employs an engagement-based model to pay its contributors through paywalled articles. On paper, it’s an ideal platform for aspiring and professional writers alike. However, according to Searchmetrics and Sistrix, Medium’s top level domain recently saw a 40% drop in organic visibility in desktop and 50% in mobile. 

So what happened? Did you say CLOAKING!!!

. via Onely.com

Oscars, Impeachment, Epstein, Iran and more

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Based on the latest analysis we did on 1/6, thehill.com leads the Top Stories in Google SERPs, followed by FOXnews.com, Politico.com and NYTimes.com. When is comes to Top Web Results it is WashingtonPost.com, CNN.com, YouTube.com and then FOXnews.com.

Funny enough the Top question Google display is "Why was Clinton impeached? in the People Also Ask/Search For.


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Tweets In Google Featured Snippets & People Also Ask

Shay Harel, the founder of RankRanger, spotted Google showing a tweet, yes, a post from Twitter, in the Google featured snippet section and people also ask section. Here is his screen shots via Mordy on Twitter. source

You can track twitter appearances in Google Web Results using NewzDash.com Screenshot below for top twitter accounts in Google SERPs for CONOR MCGREGOR


Google desktop favicon search results study

In 2019, Google introduced a new format in mobile search results which included a small “favicon” icon from the website, to the left of the snippet. This week, Google announced that a similar format was being launched in desktop results.     Source: SEJ

Chrome 80 Will Block Push Notification

Google’s Chrome version 80 will begin blocking website push notifications. While Chrome will allow users to opt-in to the push blocking, some sites will be automatically enrolled into the blocking feature. Publishers and developers are urged to read Google’s best practices to avoid having their push notifications blocked.
Source: SEJ


Pinterest Pulled all Medical Information from the platform

Pinterest is much smaller than its tech giant competitors Instagram, Amazon, and Google. But the visual discovery platform has established a quietly radical approach to search: deliberately engineering results to avoid harm, and holding itself accountable for unintended consequences. Source: Vox


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