Google News Surfaces: Terminology, Impact on Traffic and More

When it comes to News on Google, I have heard many ways where SEOs refer to the different surfaces in correct and incorrect terminology. There is also a confusion on the importance of each news surface. 

Below you will find a infographic that simplifies and explains each news surface to remove the confusion. We also highlight the importance of each surface, what type of news, display, analytics tracking, performance tracking and its impact on Google Organic Search traffic. Continue scrolling beyond the infographic for more details.

Top News-SEO Trends and Predictions in 2023

2023 News-SEO Trends and Predictions ... 

Thousands of publishers and news sites worldwide depend on their in-house News SEO teams and agencies for news template optimization, technical news optimization, paywall optimization, breaking news SEO recommendations, trends monitoring, keyword gap analysis and most definitely how to optimize for for Google News and Top Stories.

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