AMP Tracker: Czech Republic Non-AMP URLs Share in Google Mobile Search Top Stories (News Box) Carousel

You have read the news; Google is removing AMP requirement for Top Stories eligibility

Starting May 2021, Google removed the AMP requirement to appear in Top Stories (News Box) Carousel. Many SEOs and Publisher have then completely removed AMP from their sites. If you are planning to remove AMP, read our recommended testing plan for removing AMP from your news site first.

We have started tracking the % share of non-AMP stories in Top Stories early 2021. As you can see in the chart below the Non-AMP URLs share in Top Stories has been increasing gradually over time.  

Disclaimer: The data below is based on our tracked dynamic dataset of keywords & trends and doesn't reflect the actual changes happening across the world or in a specific country. The sample dataset should be only used as a directive on the non-AMP share movement in Google Mobile Search Top Stories.

Please note, due to internal data issues we have removed date from 5/24/2021 to 7/15/2021 and 4/14/2022  to 5/28/2022.

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    Non-AMP % by Country - Yesterday

    Non-AMP URLs share in Google Search Top Stories Yesterday.

    EditionNon-AMP URLs %
    U.S.70 %
    U.K.62 %
    Canada EN70 %
    Australia61 %
    Deutschland91 %
    Belgium97 %
    France89 %
    Saudi Arabia58 %
    Switzerland DE93 %
    Egypt100 %
    India EN30 %
    Poland83 %
    Brasil63 %
    U.S. Espanol66 %
    Spain27 %
    Mexico40 %
    Russia61 %
    Austria89 %
    Italia45 %
    Netherlands96 %
    Sweden100 %
    Israel EN80 %
    Finland100 %
    Greece43 %
    Japan91 %
    Czech Republic100 %

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