Boost your Visibility in Google Top Stories & Google News is a powerful news dashboard for publishers providing SEOs & edit teams

Our News-SEO Tool provides actionable insights, tracks your market share, monitors trends as they happen, provides instant SEO recommendations and spies on your competitors!!

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Core Features

Dynamic Tracking of Top Trends

Track Trends Keywords in SERPs and monitor your site's rankings in Top Stories and Organic Results.

  • Monitor your Rankings of Top Trends Automatically
  • Identify Missing and Lost Trend Rankings
  • Track Trends coverage by your site, competitors, and Top Sites
  • Track Top Stories, Organic Results, Publisher Carousel, Videos, and more
  • Track in any Language, City and Country

Near Real-Time News Keyword Tracking

Real-Time SEO Tracking: Track any keyword rankings in SERPs every 15 minutes (Track at your desired pace and Check rankings every 30 or 60 minutes).

  • Get Top Stories (News Carousel formerly know as In The News box) Rankings
  • Easily combine multiple Keywords reports together to the see the full picture
  • Track Competitors' Headlines Changes
  • Track Video, Publisher and Live Carousel rankings

Track Everything Google News

Track any News Site for any country/language in Google News.

  • Track 50+ Google News SEO metrics
  • Track Google News Homepage and Section Pages
  • Track YouTube Videos in Google News
  • Get all your site stats and section visibility
  • Track any local news (city, state)
  • Track Share of Voice in any content vertical
  • Track Google News Headlines Changes and Updates

Get ALL Google News and Web Stats for your news site and your competitors today!

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Thousands of publishers tracked hourly daily in Google News and Google Web to bring you the best insights ...

25,000 publishers tracked in 15 countries. Here are some of the publishers we track

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