Google News & Trends

  • Great for single news domain monitoring
  • Full access to all Google News reports
  • Full access to all trends reports
  • Full access to all compeitiors news sites

Breaking News Tracking: Track search queries in Google Web Including Google News Cluster Tracking

  • 720 Search Query Position Checks per month
  • About 30 Keywords per month (based on 1 keyword tracked every 60 minutes for 1 day) 
  • Track Rankings every 15, 30 or 60 Minutes in Google Web Results

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Price: $399.00
What is the default country to track
Every account comes with 1 Country/Language tracking (ex: USA/English), you can add additional Markets to track in your account (ex: UK/English, etc)
This plan comes with 1 Primary Domain, you can add additional Domains as part of your Org
You can track Local News for any location (NY, Berlin, Paris) and any Additional Topics (Cooking, Video Games, etc) not included in Google News default sections. How many Locations and Topics you want to track?