Top 100 News Sites: SEO Rankings for First US Presidential Debate Coverage



NewzDash employs a cutting-edge approach that surpasses conventional keyword tracking methods. By tapping into real-time conversations, we identify all relevant keywords surrounding a topic, going beyond a limited list of manually selected high-potential terms.

For this analysis, we focused on the conversation surrounding the first US presidential debate of 2024, occurring on June 27th. While we consistently track all new, top and emerging trending news keywords, this report specifically highlights the prominence of these keywords during the three-day period from June 26th to June 28th, capturing the pre-debate buzz, the debate itself, and the post-debate discussions. While we tracked top 500+ emerging news trends, we acknowledge the vast landscape of long-tail keywords that play a role in the overall discourse, though they are not the primary focus of this analysis.

Here are some of the most popular emerging news trends we tracked pre, during and post-debate

  • Presidential Debate and General Terms: Presidential debate, United States presidential debates, Presidential debate Live, CNN presidential debate, US presidential debate, Presidential debate 2024, Presidential debates, Debate, Debate time, Debate Live, General election debate, First presidential debate, Final debate, Thursday's debate, Debate night, Debate prep
  • Specific Debate Events: Biden-Trump debate, Trump-Biden debate, Biden-Trump Presidential Debate, Biden vs. Trump debate, CNN's Presidential Debate, 2024 presidential debate, Biden Trump CNN Debate
  • Candidates and Key Political Figures: Joe Biden, Donald Trump, Kamala Harris, Robert F. Kennedy Jr., Vivek Ramaswamy, Bernie Sanders, Tim Scott, Jill Biden, Michelle Obama, Gavin Newsom
  • Political Parties and Affiliations: Democratic Party, Republican Party, Trump-backed candidate, Biden Administration
  • Debate Performance and Analysis: Debate performance, Debate analysis, Weak debate performance, Biden debate performance, Trump debate performance, Debate coach, Debate transcript, Debate highlights, Debate fact check
  • Election-related Topics: 2024 election, Presidential election debate, Election 2024 debates, Biden campaign, Trump campaign, Biden vs Trump, Trump vs. Biden 2024
  • Political Issues: Immigration debate, Biden Trump immigration, Trump Black jobs debate, Biden Student Loan, Supreme Court Trump immunity, Trump classified documents, Biden border restrictions
  • Media and Coverage: CNN Debate, Jake Tapper, Stephen A. Smith, Debate viewers, Debate ratings
  • Controversy and Criticism: Biden age debate, Trump hush money, Biden struggles, Democrats replacing Biden, Trump immunity ruling, Biden dropping out
  • International Relations: Putin Trump NATO, Biden Trump foreign policy, Trump Biden Moscow


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Search Visibility: A Deeper Dive

Our main metric to determine top ranking news sites in Top Stories is Search Visibility.

Search Visibility is a crucial SEO metric that represents the estimated percentage of clicks (traffic) a website receives from its rankings for a particular keyword or set of keywords. It is a measure of how visible your website is in search engine results pages (SERPs) for specific queries.

Key Points about Search Visibility:

  • Visibility Beyond Rankings: While ranking positions are important, search visibility goes beyond just where you rank. It considers the click-through rate (CTR) associated with each ranking position.
  • Click Potential: A higher search visibility means your website is more likely to be clicked on by users searching for specific keywords. This is because higher rankings typically result in more clicks.
  • Keyword-Level and Overall Visibility: Search visibility can be calculated for individual keywords to see how well you're performing for each one. It can also be aggregated across multiple keywords to give you an overall picture of your website's visibility in search engines.
  • SEO Performance Indicator: Search visibility is a valuable metric for tracking the effectiveness of your SEO efforts. An increase in search visibility over time usually indicates that your SEO strategies are working.

How Search Visibility is Calculated:

There isn't a single, universally agreed-upon formula for calculating search visibility. However, it generally involves these factors:

  • Ranking Position: The higher you rank for a keyword, the more visible you are and the more likely you are to get clicks.
  • Click-Through Rate (CTR): The CTR for each ranking position is estimated based on historical data and user behavior. Higher rankings usually have higher CTRs.
  • Search Volume: The number of searches for a particular keyword. A keyword with high search volume can contribute more to your overall search visibility if you rank well for it.


How NewzDash Calculates Search Visibility:

NewzDash's calculation of Search Visibility for SERP features like Top Stories involves several factors:

  • Ranking Position: The higher you rank for a keyword, the more visible you are and the higher your potential for clicks.
  • Estimated CTR: The CTR for each ranking position is estimated based on historical data and user behavior. Higher rankings typically yield higher CTRs.
  • Ranking Duration: We measure rankings every 15 minutes to accurately capture the length of time a website appears in the Top Stories carousel.
  • Number of Ranked URLs: The more URLs from a domain that rank for relevant keywords, the higher the total visibility.

Note: Search volume is not included in our calculations due to the difficulty of estimating it for all new and trending search terms.


Note: The data gathered in the report below is a default report in NewzDash, you simply specify the topic, and NewzDash will cluster all the keywords semantically to generate the data. It takes a couple of seconds!



Search Popularity

Google Trends data indicates that the first presidential debate of 2024 was 47% less popular compared to the first debate of 2020.


First US Presidential Debate Top 10 Ranking Sites in Top Stories (News Box) Carousel in Google Mobile Search (June 26-28, 2024)

The table below showcases the top 10 websites that secured prominent positions in the Top Stories carousel during the analyzed period.


Understanding the Metrics

  • Top Stories Search Visibility: This metric estimates the percentage of clicks a website receives specifically from its presence in the Top Stories carousel for the tracked keywords. It's a direct measure of how visible and engaging a site's content is within this prominent SERP feature.
  • Avg. Position (Unique to NewzDash): While Google treats all listings within a carousel as having the same rank, NewzDash assigns a unique ranking to each Top Stories item, providing a more granular view of performance within the carousel. See image below
  • Ranked Keywords: This indicates the number of ranked keywords for which the website appeared in the Top Stories carousel.
  • Ranked URLs: This shows the number of different URLs from the website that secured a spot in the Top Stories carousel.
  • Total Rankings: This represents the total number of appearances the website made in the Top Stories carousel across all tracked keywords.
  • URL Strength: This metric reflects the impact of each individual URL on the overall search visibility. A higher URL strength suggests greater visibility and click-worthiness of specific articles.
  • Topic Coverage: This measures the breadth of a website's coverage within the tracked topics. It's calculated as the percentage of keywords for which the website ranked in the Top Stories carousel out of the total number of tracked keywords.

Google ranking position vs. NewzDash ranking position:


Below you will find

  • Overall Top News Site - Jun 26-28
  • Top News Site - Debate day June 27, 2024
  • Top News Sites - Day after Debate June 28, 2024


For the complete list of the top 100 sites pre, during and post-debate, get our comprehensive report.


Please note, the data is grouped by top level domains which includes all its subdomains. For example includes, is 


Overall Top News Site - June 26-28

The table paints a compelling picture of the news landscape surrounding the first 2024 presidential debate. Key insights include:

  • Distribution:
    • ​There's a significant gap between the top performer ( at 3.34%) and the rest of the field.
    • The top 10 sites account for about 16% of the total search visibility, indicating a concentrated influence among major news outlets.
  • Diversity of sources:
    • The list includes a mix of traditional news outlets, cable news networks, public broadcasters, and digital-native news sites.
    • Both left-leaning and right-leaning outlets are represented in the top rankings (e.g., at #3, at #13).
  • has the highest number of total rankings (587), followed by (420) and (389).
  • While ranked for more keywords and better average ranking position, it has 30% ranked articles which what drove visibility down to 3rd place.
  • Some sites with lower search visibility have high URL strength, like (10594) and (10352), suggesting strong domain authority but less debate-specific content.
  • leads in topic coverage (5.43%), followed closely by (5.22%) and (4.78%).
  • NPR ( and PBS ( both appear in the top 20, indicating strong performance for public broadcasting outlets.
  • Axios ( and Politico ( perform well, ranking #12 and #6 respectively, showing the growing influence of digital-native news sources.
  • Some international news sources like,, and are present in the top 50, indicating global interest in the U.S. presidential debate.

Overall, the data illustrates a competitive yet concentrated landscape for news visibility during major political events. While established players dominate, there are opportunities for smaller outlets or those with niche focuses to gain visibility through high-quality, relevant content.


For the complete list of the top 100 sites pre, during and post-debate, get our comprehensive report.


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